Understanding and Achieving Your Goals

As with your business, you likely have certain goals and aspirations associated with your personal finances.  Also as with your business, your personal finances and financial security - your Personal Financial Enterprise - are affected by forces outside your control. 

Arete Advisors is steadfast in its commitment to helping you achieve your goals, realize your aspirations and prepare for the unforeseen through a strategic plan to managing your Personal Financial Enterprise. Our first step is to establish clarity about your goals and aspirations using our purpose-driven framework.

How does Arete Advisors’ purpose-driven framework work?  

Some of your goals and aspirations may be explicitly financial. Most are likely not financial but rather related to how you think about what you want out of life – family, accomplishments, how you spend your time, the impact you have and the legacy you leave.  Some would call that your purpose and your priorities – “Your Why.” With a starting point having purpose and priorities at its core, developing clarity about who you care deeply for and what you care deeply about is relatively straightforward – “Your Who.”  Having answered your very important “Why?” and “Who?”, the stage is then set to tackle the question of “What” you would like to do about it.

Personal goals and aspirations articulated in this purpose-driven framework, even if not financial in nature, have financial implications.  Throughout our lives, as we pursue our very personal goals, we are faced with three critical financial tasks: (1) Converting our personal human capital into financial capital through employment or entrepreneurship; (2) Protecting against the loss of our human capital during that transition process and; (3) Preservation, growth and use of our financial capital over time.

It is from this perspective that we seek to help you make an explicit connection between your goals and aspirations and the financial considerations that support and enable them.

How is Arete Advisors’ approach different from that of other wealth management firms?

Arete Advisors employs a rigorous integrated systems approach, moving from clarity about goals and aspirations to an explicit connection to their financial implications and then ultimately to an actionable strategic plan for managing your Personal Financial Enterprise.  Fundamental to our rigorous analysis and comprehensive plan development is the integration of details about resources, expenses and taxes taking into consideration the array of financial risks and uncertainties faced throughout your lifetime. 
The end product of our strategic planning work is the construction of a mosaic, or an interconnected puzzle whose pieces are hand crafted for a fine fit.  This crafted fit is accomplished by thoughtfully integrating your goals and objectives concerning the people and causes important to you with uniquely relevant financial and risk management considerations.  Once completed, you will have the peace of mind that you are on the right track.What happens after developing the strategic plan to manage my Personal Financial Enterprise?

Recognizing that we are strategists, not prophets, we seek to develop your plan so that is tailored to your goals and aspiration but also flexible enough to accommodate changing circumstances over time and robust enough to work for a wide range of possible future realities.  The planning work and the strategies behind your plan are not static. Through ongoing monitoring, quarterly reviews, annual face-to-face strategy sessions and ongoing conversations, we are committed to keeping you informed and ensuring your plan is dynamic, relevant and effective.  To complement our planning work with you, we also coordinate with tax, legal and other professionals to ensure the rigor and completeness of your strategy.

The mission of Arete Advisors is to help business owners and executives grow, protect and enjoy the value of their life’s work.  Learn more about all of our business advisory and wealth management services.

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