Tax Strategies

The level of income tax, estate tax and gift tax paid by successful business owners and executives represents a significant impediment to business growth, wealth creation and wealth transfer.  The Internal Revenue Service tax code, and that of many states, is very complex. On one hand, this complexity makes it challenging to identify, understand and confidently implement all the legal tax minimization strategies that are available.  On the other hand, getting everything else right in your plan but missing key tax savings opportunities can have a significant adverse impact on realizing your goals. 

Arete Advisors works closely with our clients, their CPAs as well as additional tax specialists and legal specialists to identify, design and implement appropriate advanced tax strategies.

Are tax savings attainable?

Significant income tax savings are achievable through a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Taking advantage of the tax deductibility and tax deferral features of tax qualified retirement plans
  • Placing specific security types in the appropriate account type
  • Implementing tax-managed investment portfolios 
  • Strategically using cash value life insurance

Business owners have additional strategies at their disposal that can provide significant tax savings while they are operating the business and while transitioning from the business.

These advanced strategies can involve: 

  • Adoption and management of specialized retirement plans 
  • Capitalizing on available tax credits
  • Implementation of specific organizational structures
  • Election of appropriate entity types 
  • Selection of specific exit transaction types

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