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Executives Grow, Protect, and Enjoy the Value of Their Life’s Work®



Inspired by the enduring qualities championed by the ancient Greek thinkers, we strive to live out our values each day.



Driven by painstaking attention to detail, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in all our relationships. Our clients are seen as long-term partners that we set up for future success.



Powered by our energy, tenacity, and hunger for achievement, we collaborate with and leverage key partners in the industry for force multiplication that gets you the results you seek for your financial goals.

<strong>About Arete Advisors</strong>

About Arete Advisors

Our name is a daily reminder of our values: arete is the Greek word for virtue, excellence, and strength.

At Arete Advisors, our first priority is helping you take care of your business, yourself, and your family. We are a small firm, which allows us to be flexible and responsive, all while offering a personal connection.

Taking the time necessary to deeply learn about and understand your goals, objectives, and concerns will leave you feeling confident and supported that your business is running smoothly and efficiently.

You are not “just a number” here. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in all our relationships, and these long-term relationships are the foundation of our success. All that we do emanates from our dedication to virtual excellence, strength, and most importantly, to your ultimate success.

Why Choose Arete

Still have some hesitations in taking the next step? Here are some reasons why Arete Advisors is well-equipped to help you suc-
cessfully plan for your future.



With decades of first-hand business experience in the oil and gas, chemical, and industrial services industries, we understand the complexities business owners face.



Your satisfaction is important to us and our team believes in transparency. Open, honest, and frequent communication is paramount in forging a trusting relationship where you feel valued and heard.



Our strengths are multiplied through established relationships with key professionals in other related fields who can be called upon for additional specialized services.

<strong>Tailored Approach</strong>

Tailored Approach

Every client's needs are different and that's why we dig deep into your financial situation to provide you with options and flexibility, keeping you abreast of new products and strategies that best suit your business and personal needs.

Business Continuity Planning For Sole-Owner Businesses

Owning a business without co-owners can be great: Your clients get to make all the final decisions and reap all of the profits.
But sole ownership has its disadvantages. One of the biggest is that, without a successor owner standing in the wings, your
client's business may not continue if something happens to them. We invite you to download this White Paper, which reviews a
common sole-owner-die scenario and provides guidance on how to help your client successfully plan their future.


Services We Provide

Business Advisory

Arete Advisors is ready to meet you where you are, to help your business thrive and to offer clear strategies for your complex challenges.

Our client approach considers the whole picture, an integration of business advice with strategic personal wealth management.

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Wealth Management

Arete Advisors is steadfast in its commitment to helping you achieve your goals, realize your aspirations and prepare for the unforeseen through a strategic plan to manage your Personal Financial Enterprise.

We work with business owners and executives just like you to create strategic plans for your personal finances and financial security

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How We Work

Get Started on Your Path to Financial Success

It's time to put things into motion, whether you're in need of business advisory strategies or a wealth management plan. Let our
knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy advisors give you the peace of mind you deserve.




Frequently Asked Questions

Business Advisory FAQs

What business advisory services do you provide

We help owners enhance the value of their companies, address risks associated with people & strategy, motivate, align, reward & retain their teams, as well as preserve and realize the value they’ve created. The specific services we provide include business valuation estimation, benchmarking & value driver analysis, business continuation planning - focused on the loss of an owner or other key leaders, incentive compensation plan design for leaders and executives of the firm, retirement plans & non-medical group benefits and finally, leadership succession and ownership transition (exit) planning.

What are your business advisory qualifications?

We bring 35+ years of industrial business leadership and business advisory experience to the table. Additionally, the team has advanced education at the university level and has completed certification programs in finance, valuation, exit planning, and human capital management.

What should I bring to my first meeting?

The most important thing is clarity about your goals, objectives, and concerns (or at least clarity about the questions you have). It would also be very helpful if you can bring company financials (profit & loss statement & balance sheet) and tax returns for the past 2 years.

Do you use any behavioral assessment tools?

We do not but can make those available through our partner network.

What resources will you use to value my business?

We start with a tried and true, rigorous discounted cash flow modeling approach. We supplement that analysis with a number web based, industry-specific research and valuation tools which integrate information about industry comps. As a finishing touch, we consult with investment bankers in our partner network to test the conclusions we’ve drawn to get their “current market” perspective on business transactions in various industries.

How does your exit planning framework work?

  1. Identify your exit objectives
  2. Identify your business and personal financial resources
  3. Make recommendations to build and preserve value
  4. Outline what a sale to a 3rd party would entail
  5. Outline what a transfer to a partner, employee group, or child(ren) would entail
  6. Outline strategies to protect the value of the firm & the owner's family to address the potential risk of the owner not surviving to the planned exit date
  7. Conduct personal financial planning & estate planning for the exiting owner

Once the exit plan has been formulated, we lead and coordinate all of the efforts required to implement the exit strategy

Why is it important to understand the value of my business?

  1. Retirement planning and estate planning for you and your family
  2. Interactions with other owners of the company
  3. Incentive compensation for the leaders & executives of the company
  4. Benchmarking to assess strategic & grow initiatives of the company
  5. Interactions with banks

Wealth Management FAQs

What wealth management services do you provide?

We help our clients develop flexible financial plans that help them address: funding their lifestyle, providing for their family, accumulating wealth, minimizing taxes, managing risks, protecting their income and assets, generating retirement income, preserving and transferring assets to the next generation and or charities dear to them.

What’s your investment philosophy?

We believe your investment strategy ought to be designed to match your goals - future liabilities if you will. We believe that the proper focus on an investment portfolio takes into consideration not only return but also risk, liquidity, and taxes.

How is Arete Advisors different than other wealth management firms?

  1. First, we are a fiduciary, which means we are morally and legally obligated to work in our client's best interest. Many firms don’t operate under that standard.
  2. Second, we are comprised of an Independent Registered Advisory Firm and an Independent Insurance Agency. From that position of independence, we are free to choose from a vast array of investment and insurance products specifically selected to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Many advisors at the larger, name brand firms, are focused on selling their firm’s products.
  3. Third, one of our key internal admonitions is “plan first, products second”. We are problem solvers - we engineer a plan specifically designed to meet each client’s unique objectives. Our analytical approach is extremely detailed, very robust and dynamically incorporates a broad range of potential events you might face throughout your lifetime
  4. Fourth, our ratio of clients to team members is relatively low. We do that to ensure that we can deliver the impact, quality, and experience you seek and deserve. You are never a number to us.

Do you have a minimum investment requirement?

We generally target clients with $1,000,000 of investable assets or household income of $300,000/yr and higher. Our investment minimum is $500,000

What investment benchmarks do you use?

We employ benchmarks with data that is readily accessible and tailored to be a representative comparison to your portfolio.

How long do your clients stay with you on average?

Our clients typically stay with us for a very long period of time. We have many clients who have been with us 12 - 18 years.

Are tax savings attainable?

Yes, helping our clients implement strategies to minimize income, as well as estate taxes over their lifetime, is an important part of the work we do. There are a number of potential strategies which may be available to you.

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