Build a bridge to the next generation with a solid plan and peace of mind.

August 25, 2021
Fewer than 30% of successful family businesses make it to the third generation, and fewer than 15% make it through that generation.* Growing complexity can complicate family relationships and become a barrier to the long-term sustainability of the business.

Working with family businesses and offices, we prepare you to manage every facet of the coming transition. And we create a plan that unites the family around a shared purpose – what you want for the future of the business and for yourselves.

Succession & Continuity Planning

Leadership for the next generation. Clarity for the family. Longevity for the business.

Many owners look at succession as an event – a day in the life of their business when they hand the reins to their children, nieces and nephews. We believe succession planning is one critical piece of a larger vision for continuity.

With continuity planning, we look at the whole of the family and the business. Together we design a comprehensive plan for the smooth transition of leadership, ownership, governance and family assets. Family members, management and shareholders can be confident you’ve built a strong foundation for future success that empowers the next generation and beyond.

Navigating the Transition

There’s a lot to consider. We help you ask the right questions and find a balanced approach.

Every transition is different, its challenges unique. Today’s generation may have trouble letting go, and the next generation may have trouble grasping the responsibilities of leadership and ownership. Growth and diversity in ownership can create tensions that keep family from aligning on important decisions. And the enterprise must keep adapting to the pressures of a fast-moving marketplace.

Successfully navigating the transition means answering complex questions.

  • Vision & Mission:
    • What do we want the business to look like in the future?
  • Business Needs:
    • What will the business need from future leaders and owners?
  • Family Expectations:
    • What are my children’s expectations about their future in the business?
  • Leadership Decisions: 
    • Who is best suited to lead the business?
  • Guidance & Training:
    • What training, resources and accountability will the next generation need?
  • Ownership & Governance:
    • What changes might be needed to our ownership structure, policies and governance?
  • Transition Planning:
    • When is the right time to pass on the leadership role?

Ensuring a Smooth Succession

Advance planning creates capable leaders and fertile ground for progress.
The prospect of making the transition can feel overwhelming. Successful continuity planning begins early to provide future leaders with adequate time and resources to prepare. It reduces conflict around decision making and gives management confidence in the process. And it preserves family relationships that are the heart of the business.