Retirement Income & Distribution Planning

Whatever your vision for retirement may be, the first step toward a dynamic and enjoyable retirement is a solid retirement income and distribution plan.  While retirement may be a much anticipated milestone, the reality is it is a season of life none of us have personally experienced prior to its arrival. Retirement brings with it some significant challenges.

At a high level, a comprehensive retirement plan should provide income for life, include measures to preserve your assets and perhaps leave a financial legacy for the individuals and/or institutions you care deeply for. At a detailed level, your retirement plan starts with an clear understanding of your resources and a reality based view of what you want to spend, monthly or annually, on an after-tax basis.  Next, the effects of market performance, inflation, income taxes, longevity, health care costs and long term care expenses must be considered.  Finally, the dynamic and interactive impact of market volatility, variations in inflation levels, changes in spending levels and the probabilities of various longevity assumptions should be used to "stress-test" your plan. 

At Arete Advisors, we use this goals based and analytical understanding to develop specific recommendations regarding asset allocation, manager selection, liquidation order as well as the integration of risk management tools to address longevity risk, manage long term care risk and support wealth transfer objectives. Once your plan is implemented, we monitor, communicate and adjust as a part of a disciplined process over time that aims to promote your clarity, confidence and independence.