Our Mission Statement

Arete' (pronounced ah-reh-tay) is an ancient Greek word which embodies the characteristics of virtue, excellence and strength.  At Arete Advisors, we define arete' as an uncompromised commitment to ten key principles:

  • Integrity - Work in the client's best interest. Communicate honestly & clearly. Set realistic expectations. Earn & maintain client trust.
  • Confidentiality -Actively protect client information.
  • Responsiveness - Respond promptly & accurately to client requests.
  • Initiative - Proactively identify & communicate opportunities, risks, problems & solutions.
  • Objectivity - Approach problem solving in an objective manner.  Ensure independence in the conclusions we draw, the advice we give & the products/services we offer.
  • Competence - Through selection, development & continuous learning, ensure clients are served with the highest level of skill & knowledge.
  • Resourcefulness - Employ creativity in our analysis, planning & solution development.
  • Quality - Provide clients suitable products, services, technology & other resources.
  • Persistence & Endurance - Financial independence requires disciplined and long term effort. Maintain processes and client relationships accordingly.
  • Steadfastness - Remain focused, calm & resolute in all circumstances.

From this foundation, it our mission to serve as an effective partner with each of our clients, helping them achieve their financial goals.  It is our conviction that we can do this best by:

  • Listening carefully to understand our clients' goals, dreams & concerns;
  • Employing a disciplined analytical, planning, implementation & monitoring process
  • Conducting detailed analysis and research to assess requirements & alternatives;
  • Providing clarity with respect to opportunities, risks, solutions, alternative & trade-offs;
  • Supplementing our capabilites, where appropriate, with other subject matter experts;
  • Developing comprehensive plans designed specifically to pursue our clients' objectives;
  • Implementing plans in innovative ways with suitable products & services;
  • Monitoring the progress of the plans, making appropriate adjustments to reflect changes in client objectives and market or economic conditions.
  • Ensuring we stay connected to our clients' changing lives and that our clients stay connected to their plan and progress toward their goals.