Business Continuation Planning

The viability of your business, in large part, depends upon your ability to attract and retain employees at all levels throughout the organization.  In today's competitive landscape, offering your organization basic employee benefits is essential.  Additionally, many organizations find that there are certain employees that perform critical roles and create unique value.  For those team members, it may be desireable to create incentives that encourage them to think and act like owners without diluting the actual ownership of the firm.  The loss of such an employee to a competitor or through their disability or death could have significant adverse consequences to your company.  Finally, the impact on the firm of the loss of an owner, or the owner, to a disability or death could be irrevocable without thoughtful preparation.

At Arete Advisors we work with business owners to:

  • Provide basic employee benefits such as health insurance as well as disability and life coverage.  We additionally provide retirement plans like Simple IRA's, SEP plans and 401(k) plans. 
  • Design and implement non-qualified supplemental executive compensation plans for that portion of the team uniquely postioned to impact the firm's success.
  • Implement risk management strategies to protect the firm from the loss of a key employee or owner.
  • Provide for the living exit of one or more of the business's owners.